Historic Bethabara Park Wagon Collection


Historic Bethabara Park, Inc.'s Wagon Collection contains five original late 19th and early 20th century wagons, and one 19th century buggy. Several of the wagons were manufactured by Nissen Wagon Works, one of the largest wagon manufacturers in the nineteenth century south.

Collection Items

Nissen Freight Wagon
Nissen freight wagon sold by Russel E. Varner May 23, 1994 for $425.00. Identified as a “hay wagon” by seller. Wagon has been repainted; chassis is red and the body is green. The rear axle has the original “NISSEN WAGON CO.” painted logo…

Nissen Freight Wagon Receipt
Receipt for the purchase of the Nissen Freight Wagon from Russel E Varner for $425.00. The document is a photocopy of the receipt, with a hand written bill of sale laid in the center.
The document is 11" W x 8 1/2" H, on white copier paper.
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