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  • Collection: Stanley South Manuscript Collection

Glossy photograph of archaeologically recovered artifacts from different structures in Bethabara. Includes a shoe buckle, metal handle, spearpoint, marble, musket balls and shot, steatite pencil, thimble, spoon handle, silver coin piece, and piece of…

Photograph of artifacts from recovered from various structures on glossy paper with white background. The artifacts include metal clothing buttons, sleeve links, silver shoe buckle fragments, a hook and eye set, steatite pencil, and a slipware…

MC2 Clauser to Meyer 7-13 001.pdf
Cover letter from archaeologist John W. Clauser, Jr. to former director of History Bethabara Park Rod Meyer. The letter accompanied an original copy of "Progress Report on the Bethabara Project For the 1965 Season" by Stanley South. The letter is…

MC2 1965 Progress Report 7-13 002.pdf
A copy of a 9 page report written by Archaeologist Stanley South detailing the archaeological excavations undertaken in Bethabara in 1965. The document is proceeded by a letter from Archaeologist John Clauser Jr.

It is printed on 11" x 8 1/2 "…

MC2 B55B West Wall Profile 4-29 001.pdf
Excavation profile drawing of cellar B55 - 1786 Christ-Krause Waster Dump #2 on 11" x 8 1/2" ivory graph paper with green graphs and numbers along the left and bottom margins.
The sketch is of the cellar's west wall and illustrates the depth and…

Glaze Formulas 5-48 001.pdf
Translation of a collection of recipes for glazes used by the Moravian potters in Wachovia. Five typed pages with some hand written notes on first page. Each page has three holes punched on left margin from storage in a three ring binder.

MC2 Tarlton to Stockton 6-45 021 (1).pdf
Copy of a letter from W. S. Tarlton to E. L. Stockton regarding a recent visit to Bethabara, including suggestions for historic preservation and interpretation.
On yellow carbon paper, 11" x 8 1/2".

MC2 South to Stockton 6-45 028.pdf
Copy of a type-written letter from Stanley South to E. L. Stockton regarding obtaining summer student employees from the PACE program, and funding. Letter is on yellow carbon transfer paper, measuring 11" x 8 1/2". Three holes are punched in left…

MC2 South to Stockton 6-45 029.pdf
Copy of a letter from Stanley South to E. L. Stockton regarding the display and care of artifacts excavated from Bethabara.

MC2 Payroll August64 6-62 002.pdf
Carbon copy of Bethabara Project payroll signed by Stanley South, Patricia E. Grace, and Madora V. Drummond.
Paper is yellow, 11" x 8 1/2".